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Family History Records for Hertfordshire

There is more than Birth, Marriage and Death records to research. In this section I will tell all the records that are possible for you to search, were to find them and how they can help you.


Birth, marriage and death


Civil Registration

With the population of each parish rising to increasing levels it was thought that the current parish records ( Baptisms, marriage and burials) were not providing an accurate picture. on 1st July 1837 the Registration Act was passed this meant that all births, marriages and deaths were to be legally registered.


These are the cornerstones of your family research, these records will enable you to order certificates which will provide evidence to your research.


The records are broke into Districts, Subdistricts, Volumes and Pages. These records are held by the GRO (General Records Office)


What will they tell me?


Birth records will have the


Marriage records will have the


Death records will have the


Parish Records

Names of Interest

Names of Interest

Recently added to the website is a list of Names of Interest. This has been added to alow you add all the names you are looking for. Simply fill in the form and I will add your details

as soon as possible.


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From 1st Dec to 16th Kew will be closed due to work being done on the building.

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